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It takes two to Tango: The art of great conversations at work

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Skilful conversations can inspire, focus and drive great performance at work. In today’s commercial context managers need to make every opportunity count; yet they are are all so busy with scant opportunity to have these meaningful conversations with others. In addition the impact of social media and instant communication means conversations are often rushed.

Should managers coach?

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CIPD’s 2014 Learning and Development Surveyreporting that 75% of organisations offer coaching or mentoring. This was supported by findings of theGoodPractice 2014 UK Learning Trends Survey, which reported that up to 65% of organisations are using coaching in learning and development. This is no real surprise, the benefits of coaching has been long understood in achieving behaviour change, shifting perspectives and bringing about real improvements in performance.

Does your business plan build credibility for learning?

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A credible business plan which your team understands, is bought into and crucially can explain to other parts of the business is key to getting learning valued in your organisation. But how many learning teams invest the time to create a plan that really resonates?

6 noteworthy steps to nail networking

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Networking events can bring you into contact with people who could help your professional development, provide that key nugget of information you were missing or indeed share an insight that sparks a light bulb. Here we share how Learning Entrepreneurs make the most of every conversation.